Building license

Building license

Now that the good weather is here, it's time to set up our homesFor example, the summer ones, paint a wall, fix the facade or put a new floor that illuminates the rooms of your home. For all this, you will need to request a building permit.

Next, we will leave you more information about how to apply for a building permit.


 1. What is a building permit?

Is a authorization granted by the city council in our area so that a user can make the 237 necessary modifications to their home. After making sure that the future construction complies with current regulations. The procedure that we must follow is to present the approved project to the town hall, so that the municipal technicians can verify that it complies with the regulations. Two exists permission types, depending on its size, the minor work license and major work license.

building license

2. Minor work license

It is requested when the works and reforms that we are going to undertake They do not affect the structure of the property. They are simple and small and do not require the project to be signed. They have a low economic cost and fewer technical difficulties than those of major works. Some examples minor works are:

  • Repairs.
  • Enclosures (windows, doors or partitions).
  • Elimination of architectural barriers.
  • Decor.
  • Plumbing.
  • Electricity.
  • Sanitation.
  • Installation of heating systems.


3. Major work license

To carry them out, it must be requested when the work is going to involve a change in the building structure, renovation, remodeling or restoration of the facade. It is for large-scale works and requires a project signed by an architect or engineer. They involve a large financial outlay.

work permit

4. Cost of the building permit

Is a fee to be paid regardless of whether the requested building license is granted or denied. It is used to pay municipal expenses.

In general, each municipality has one board indicating the tax rate applicable to building permits. It must be multiplied by the reform budget, material execution budget, to obtain the amount of the tax. Tax rate ranges from 4 to 6 percent.

For major works licences, it is usually calculated on the material execution budget included in the technical project, without affecting the final settlement of the tax after completion of the works with the revision of the material execution budget.


5. Other expenses

In the case of major work permits, the Administration requires the payment of a bond or guarantee that covers damages or defects that may be caused on public roads and the compliance of the works carried out both with the technical project presented and with current urban regulations. It will be calculated in the same way as the tax and the ICIO. The deposit will be returned after the correct execution of the works and at the request of the interested party.

The fee for the private use of the local public area will also be taken into account if the use of public roads with rubble containers, scaffolding, etc. is required. for carrying out the works.



Request a work permit can save us money and time In the future if there were any problems, we would be more protected than if we didn't ask for it. From Cartagena Homes, we always recommend removing it, no matter how small the repair may be.


If you want to know more

We hope this post has been useful to you and that request the work permit If you are going to remodel your house. From Cartagena Homes we strongly recommend that you give it the importance it deserves since you can save good money if you follow these tips. Contact us and we will help you carry out any procedure related to it.

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