Decoration trends for 2021

Decoration trends for 2021

Decoration styles change over time. If you want your home to be up to date, in this publication we inform you of the decoration trends for 2021.

Before we begin, it should be noted the raw trend This new fashion aims to connect us more with nature through the decoration and design of the home. It is based on the ecological ideology, in such a way that the recycling of different elements is also promoted. With this style, the following materials are used above all: wood, vegetable fibers, raw textures and organic designs.

In addition, this style adapts to the minimalist and modern trends that today's designers love so much. It also adapts to the industrial designs of the interiors of the houses, offering an abstract composition with the different elements. In short, we could say that this trend combines with everything.

What type of decoration is currently worn?

Some of the trends of the moment are the following:

1. Sustainable materials.

The characteristic materials of this trend are untreated wood, natural fibers and fabrics, natural stone, steel and cement.

These materials stand out for being very authentic. For example, untreated wood exposes all the imperfections that wood may have, just like stone. These small imperfections that were previously avoided at all costs, are now a huge and widely used trend.

You can incorporate elements of different materials to create a diverse environment and play with the sensations that each material offers.

2. Crafts.

In the same way that occurs with the imperfections of sustainable materials, the differentiation offered by handmade elements is sought. These elements, being made one by one by people by hand, are different from each other. So you can create an environment that no one else can copy at home.

The materials that are most used for this type of handmade decoration are ceramics, clay and recycled glass.

3. Feminine forms.

The empowerment of women that we are experiencing in recent years is also making its way into decoration.

We find more and more decorative elements that contain the figure of a woman. We can find them in the paintings, vases and other key elements. Mainly in objects made with ceramics, stone and wood.

In addition, the materials used to create these objects fit perfectly with many of the decorative styles that are in use today.

4. Face line art.

This type of design focuses on representing human faces through geometric drawings on a white background. We can find this style in different objects such as cushions, sheets, paintings, etc. Also, this style blends perfectly with the minimalist design.

5. Decorative plants.

Decorative plants are one of the great decoration trends for 2021. These elements help bring us closer to nature. We can find them both inside and outside the house.

Inside the house, plants provide an exotic atmosphere and give life to the room in which they are located. You can choose from a wide variety of plants that require very little care, making them perfect for indoors.

On the other hand, outdoor plants are a great way to add touches of color to the facade of your house. In addition, you can include aromatic plants that will make your house always smell good.

6. Minimalism.

Within the minimalist trend we must talk about 3 styles:

Modern sanctuary.

In this case, it is intended to take care of the decoration of your home by assimilating it to a sanctuary. For this, colors that evoke purity, peace and tranquility are used. Off-white, gray tones and some beige tones stand out above all.


This time we talk about more striking decorative elements. They can be large lamps, elements with original shapes or the colors pink and olive green.

We also highlight metal as the material that is most used in this style. We can find it in auxiliary elements or to give it a different touch as part of some furniture.


Finally, the Japandi style combines the Scandinavian and Japanese styles. The natural and artisan characteristics of the first combine perfectly with the warmth of the second.

The mixture of both styles provides a unique atmosphere in your home.

7. Colors.

The colors that must accompany the decoration change depending on the season of the year in which we are.

For this spring we recommend blue, green and neutral tones. Using these colors we manage to convey joy and energy as well as tranquility and relaxation.


We hope this publication has helped you to learn about the decoration trends for 2021. If you want to continue discovering relevant elements from the world of decoration, do not hesitate to visit the rest of the publications on our blog.