Build our house in the form more efficient and sustainable possible is already a reality. We can achieve this through ecodesign, it basically consists of trying to build our home with the least possible impact on the environment.

Next, we will tell you more about ecodesign and we will show you some construction materials that will help you improve your homes.


1. Ecodesign

The ecodesign in a new current that has for objective to mitigate CO2 emissions when designing and creating objects. Trying to take care of the ecosystem throughout the production process. Caring for the environment has become the fundamental pillar of the construction sector in recent years, with ecological materials gaining ground over conventional ones.

An ecological material is one that has been developed using raw materials nearby natural They must be recyclable so they are more durable.

With the use of materials, along with other architectural design factors, such as orientation, thermal insulation, among others, we will achieve considerable energy savings and a great reduction of CO2.

To start improving construction habits, we bring you different changes according to the area of our home:

  • Exterior building materials.
  • Interior building materials.
  • Raw Materials.


2. Exterior construction materials

When it comes time to start laying the first stone of our home, there are many materials that we can choose to make our home as sustainable as possible and therefore have the least possible impact. Next, we will give you some examples of construction shapes and materials that will help us improve.

– Ecological construction with solar tiles: This type of material will help us not only to build the roof of our house, but also by incorporating these solar tiles, they will help us to considerably reduce the electricity bill.

green roofs: This type of construction is becoming more and more common, especially in Asia. It consists of installing gardens on top or on the front of our façade. Improving the environment of our home.

-Houses in sea containers: this way of building consists of reusing cargo containers and transforming them into a complete home. By doing it this way, it is not necessary to use raw materials, but the existing ones are used, not contaminating more.

smart windows: This type of glass becomes translucent in the summer months to block part of the sun that enters, and transparent in the winter to let in the rays and heat the room. This translates into considerable annual savings on heating and cooling, as well as avoiding the cost and hassle of installing light screens or blinds.


3. Internal construction materials

Once we have built the foundations of our house, we will have to paint, divide the rooms and furnish it. Believe it or not, there are also many ecological materials that we can use to improve the sustainability of our home.

Next, we leave you some materials that should not be missing in the interior of your home.

ecological paint: It is made from milk protein, clay, lime and mineral pigments.

tiles and panels made from plastic bottles.

Cement from volcanic ash.

wood and bamboo.

Panels that replace wood, manufactured from wheat and sorghum crop waste.


There are many materials that revolutionize the landscape of our cities. Although this is still in its early days, there will be more and more ways of building that improve the efficiency of our homes.


If you want to know more

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