Exclusivity contract

Exclusivity contract

When we have a house for sale, we have two options. Being ourselves who put it on the market or leave it in the hands of professionals. Today we teach you what is exclusivity contract with a real estate agency, the advantages it has and what you should pay more attention to.


1. Exclusive contract

It is an agreement that is signed between a real estate agency and the owner of a home. In it, the rights to sell the property are transferred for a certain time to a single agency.

In addition to signing the contract, in it the conditions of the sale are specified. Such as the price of the property, the fees, the term of the contract and other agreements that are reached.

Before signing with one real estate agency or another, we must be especially careful. And observe how they work, how they promote their homes, the quality of the photographs, the number of homes they have in their portfolio and the agents they have.


2. Advantages for the seller

Signing an exclusive contract will give us a series of advantages which we will see next.

  • The agency puts more resources in selling the house.
  • The sales terms are shorter.
  • He price is higher to what we could get if the exclusive did not exist.
  • The agency Help with all the paperwork needed in the sales process.


3. Hoaxes about the exclusivity contract

Next, we will show you some lies circulating about the exclusivity contract with a real estate agency:

– Only benefits the agency. This it will depend on professionalism Of the same. If you look after the interests of your client, you will fight to obtain the agreed price and to provide real value. He will try to make you satisfied and will accompany you throughout the process.

– The agency will relax since it will have no competition. Currently on the market, there are more homes available than buyers. Hence the only way to sell your property will be giving one hundred percent. Making your house stand out from the rest will be difficult, so a good strategy must be developed and put all the necessary resources to be able to sell it.

– Other agencies do not have exclusivity. This is because some real estate they are afraid of losing opportunities to attract homes. Hence They focus their business model on having an infinite portfolio. This the only thing that will assure you is that your house will be one of the bunch and they will not put all the necessary resources to sell it and that you are satisfied.

– The contract cannot be canceled. Normally, the sales contracts are from 3 to 6 months. If you do not want to continue with the contract, we must communicate it so that it is not renewed. But if we're within the deadline, we can request the annulment in the event that there is any breach thereof.


4. Can I sell the apartment on my own?

This is one of the typical issues in this type of contract. AND the answer is it depends.

The first thing to do before taking any step is read carefully, and if necessary with a professional, the clauses of our contract and current law.

Normally, in this type of agreement, the real estate agency is committed to putting all the resources available to make the sale of the property. And usually add a clause where the owner respects exclusivity, not selling the house on your own. If I did, You must financially compensate the real estate.

The supreme court stipulated the following assumptions to indemnify:

  • Yeah hire another agent the sale of the property.
  • Yeah The owner sells the house on his own.
  • Yeah sells the house to a real estate client without counting on this one.


If you want to know more…

Today we have explained a little more about the exclusivity contract. In order to help you and give you a little more information on this topic. Contact us and we will help you carry out any procedure related to it.

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