How to make a sustainable home?

How to make a sustainable home?

The environment suffers more and more for the misuse that human beings are giving it. For this reason, it is increasingly common for thousands of people to make the leap to create greener and more sustainable spaces. They can be from creating an ecological garden at home to more ambitious projects such as creating a sustainable home from scratch.

Next, we will show you some tips that we believe will be of great help so that you can create your own green spaces at home.


1. Find a good location.

This is essential so that you housing is as efficient as possible and almost does not pollute. A good orientation, in addition to the area in which it is located, can be the perfect combination to make your home as sustainable as possible.

Having a north or south orientation, for example, can cause you to have more or less humidity, so you will spend more on electricity if you use the air conditioning or heating or if you have to turn on the light beforehand for example in winter


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2. Build your sustainable home.

If your home is not yet built and you can build it from scratch, the new sustainable houses are being built with ecological materials. These insulate better and will not make you lose money due to the misuse of energy that you will have to do in the future if you do not install them.

Insulate walls and floors, this will help the temperature to be more stable and you will not have to depend so much on devices to regulate the temperature of your home.

Also exist insulating paintsWe also recommend that you use light tones so that the lighting bounces better and your house seems brighter.

A good insulation can make you have a energy saving higher than if your house is poorly insulated.


3. Give your furniture a second chance.

Once we have built our new home, it will be time to furnish it. Before spending thousands of euros on furniture that may not fit 100% as we want, we can look in second-hand stores or antique dealers. These pieces of furniture are usually cheaper and we can give you a second chance. We can also ask a friend to get rid of his antique furniture and give it a coat of paint if they needed it. It will always be cheaper for your pocket and for the environment than creating a new piece of furniture.

Try when furnishing your house, use efficient appliances, the higher its label, the lower consumption and more money in your pocket.


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4. Spend less.

This is easier than you think. Can save water closing the taps, making sure they do not drip or installing aerators in our taps to reduce water consumption.

We can also save electricity by installing solar panels. Not only will it help us save electricity at home, it will also help us reduce the use of butane or gas to heat the water in the shower.

Change your bulbs to ones that are LED, you do not have to make the disbursement at once, you can install them little by little. In addition to opening the windows and blinds of our house to take advantage of the natural light that enters.

check appliances such as the boiler, air conditioning, the refrigerator, etc., can save us, if these do not work well, we will have an overconsumption that we can avoid.

These are some of the tips we give you. Carrying them out will give you a series of advantages as energy savings, less environmental impact and above all greater comfort and quality in the rooms of your home. Creating a sustainable home has never been so easy.


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We hope this post has been useful to you and that you now know how to create sustainable spaces in your home. From Cartagena Homes we strongly recommend that you give it the importance it deserves since you can save good money if you follow these tips. Contact us and we will help you carry out any procedure related to it.

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