How to rent an apartment?

How to rent an apartment?

If you have a second home and you have it empty, below we will explain how to rent an apartment in the fastest and easiest way so that you get the most out of it. We will also give you some advice so that you can find the perfect tenant and others so that your houses for rent do not go unnoticed by users.


1. Reform the house.

Before publishing the ad in the real estate company or on the web that you have decided, you must do some tasks so that your house is attractive and your tenant is satisfied with the house that you are renting.

reform the house, paint if necessary, clean and fix those most deteriorated rooms. Check every inch of your home, from the bulbs to the boiler. Any detail is important for our tenant to be satisfied.

Changing appliances and furniture that need it will save you time and money in the future, since the tenant will be happy and you will not have to make unnecessary trips to repair what you could have already changed.

Bet on a house with good energy efficiency, this, as we showed you in the previous post, is very important, since users give more and more importance to this type of aspect in homes.

Once the house is ready, we can move on to the following points that we believe are important for you.


2. Research the market.

Know What are the prices of nearby houses? to ours and others in the neighborhood it is important to set the best price for renting our house and thus not scare off potential users who may be interested in seeing our apartment.

How to rent an apartment?


3. Make a good announcement.

This will be the most important part, potential tenants will see your home and it will be the first impression they get. Renting a flat depends on a good advertisement and it can make your house rent itself. 

Upload quality photos that look good and show a warm and pleasant home to live in for the next few months. We don't have to do them ourselves if we don't know how, we can hire someone to help us as a professional photographer to get the most out of the rooms in the house.

We can add plans and a detailed description of what the future tenant will find in the house. The exact address where the apartment is located and also all those services that can add value to your property. Such as what is allowed to be done or not done on the floor, services that the house has, such as air conditioning, heating, garages or storage rooms. If you have a pool or outdoor spaces in your home, such as balconies or terraces. The connections you have with public transport, shopping centers, schools, etc.

Do not forget to use your social networks to promote your home, there can always be an interested friend, or a friend of a friend.


4. Research your tenants.

No one wants to have problems collecting rent or having their home destroyed. That's why it's important know to whom we rent our apartment. Sometimes, just by typing your name on the internet, we can find who you are, past places you've lived, even reviews from previous owners where you've rented.

Take your time, as this will save you headaches in the future.

How to rent a home?


5. Reply as soon as possible.

You are interested in renting, and the sooner the better. So you should not pass up any opportunity to do so. Respond as soon as possible, and show yourself willing to show the apartment to the future tenant as soon as you can, without delaying him.

Organize your visits well. Appoint all the candidates on the same day, chat with them, get to know them and ask them what is important to you.


AND finallyDon't be a bad landlord, comply with your contractual obligations, be respectful of your tenant and give them a hand with whatever they need.


If you want to know more…

We hope that this post has been useful to you and that you are now able to rent your home quickly and without complications. From Cartagena Homes we hope that you can rent your apartment without problems and if you have any questions, Contact us and we will help you carry out any procedure related to it.

On the other hand, if you want to continue discovering elements of the real estate world, do not hesitate to read the rest of the publications in our real estate blog.