Mini houses 'Tiny houses'

Mini houses 'Tiny houses'

The mini houses are booming Worldwide. Especially in the United States. In Spain, for its part, it is also increasing, so today we will explain more about them.


1. Tiny houses

A mini house or tiny house, It is a prefab house, usually wood. Gather everything you need to live in a reduced space and with a very affordable price. Besides have the option of being self-sufficient. Normally, they do not usually exceed 20m² and are based on being respectful of the environment.

The result is a house with a great thermal insulation, low energy consumption and very bright. Normally they do not need a foundation and therefore can be moved wherever the user wants.

In Spain, they appeared in 2005, after the crisis. Mini houses not only they have a very low price In addition, its costs are lower than those of a conventional home.

Mini Houses Advocate reduce the size of homes, without losing comfort of conventional houses. Every inch has a use. They are also removable, transportable, light, customizable, ecological, and within reach of almost any pocket. Quality matters and not the quantity of meters, rooms or furniture.

tiny house

2. Regulations

To find out what regulations will apply we will have to press the end that we will give If it will be anchored or not.

If it is anchored to the ground, will be considered immovable property, if it can be transported it will be movable.

The current regulations of the Civil Code regulate it in its articles 334 (real estate) and 335 (movable property).

At the moment, there is a legal vacuum in the regulations, depending on each CCAA or the regulation imposed on caravans.

To install a mini house, the requirements are less than in the case of modular houses. But also a planning license is required. Since they are considered buildings. Imposed by Law 9/2001.


3. Features

As we have commented previously, the mini houses they have different sizes. We can find them from 15 m² to 50m². The peculiarity of these houses is that space is used to the maximum. The interior is very functional and very efficient. In addition to having all the comforts of day to day.

They have a great advantage and it is the possibility of being transported and installed on almost any terrain. In addition to its price and the few costs they have, including maintenance. We also have to take into account the low energy consumption they entail, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

The mini houses have the particularity that they can be in the middle of nature, so you can live as long as you want in incredible places.

tiny house

4. Advantages and disadvantages

Next we will leave you some advantages and disadvantages to take into account when purchasing our mini house:

  • Lower expenses.
  • There is no mortgage.
  • Less energy use.
  • Freedom of movement.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Live in harmony with nature.

By against, we have the following:

  • Less living space.
  • Less storage space.
  • It is not possible to organize large gatherings.
  • Possible legal problems.
  • Financing problems.


If you want to know more…


Today we have explained a little more about the tiny houses. In order to help you and give you a little more information on this topic. Contact us and we will help you carry out any procedure related to it.

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