Prefabricated houses

Prefabricated houses

In recent years, there has been a boom in the purchase of manufactured homes Worldwide. And Spain was not going to be less.

below you we explain everything you need so that you can acquire your prefabricated house and the obstacles that you could find.


1. Prefab houses

A manufactured home is a housing made from different sections in a factory. To later be transferred to the land that we have designed to install it. Normally, cargo containers, PVC, wood or concrete are used for its creation. There are two models:

– Permanent residence: It is a model where its installation will be permanent. You need foundations to install it on the ground. It needs to be connected to electricity and water supplies. Payment of taxes and registration in the Land Registry will be required.

– Mobile home: its main quality is that it can move. It does not need anchors. It is considered movable property. It has its own electricity and water system. It does not need to be registered in the Land Registry.

The best for install our prefab housing will do it on one's own groundOtherwise, the most suitable thing is to acquire a rustic one. Above all, these houses are focused on agriculture and livestock.


2. What do I need to install it?

To install our home we will need:

  • Project endorsed by the College of Architects.
  • Know municipal ordinance.
  • Decide measures of the house.
  • Make a geotechnical study
  • Building license
  • Manage habitability documents
  • Discharge the necessary services

These are some of the expenses and documentation necessary that we will have to install our home. Also we can find others such as notary fees, architect fees or others that may appear later.

prefab house

3. Types of prefab houses

Depending on its structure, we find different types of manufactured homes:

  • Modular houses: They have a permanent base. Includes basic supplies. It is possible to connect several modules to increase the size of the house.
  • Houses with panels: they use off-site precast panels or walls that are transported to where they will be assembled. Construction time is longer. Includes floor, walls, ceiling. The base is usually made of concrete, and will be built directly on the ground.
  • kit houses: made from prefabricated parts and the person responsible for their assembly is the owner. It has more build options.


4. Differences between a prefabricated house and a conventional one

The most important differences to highlight are:

  • Less construction time.
  • Cheaper (depending on the qualities chosen).

Manufactured houses also give the possibility of using conventional materials Like concrete or steel, these are low cost and resistance.

There are examples of prefabricated concrete houses, which have 90m² and a price of €80,000, built in only 6 months. While a conventional one would cost around €120,000 and would take around 13 months to be built.

Choosing the construction material will depend on the characteristics of the terrain and the construction that we want to do. What should be the main reason are the innumerable advantages for the ecosystem without reducing qualities and aesthetics.


5. Sustainability and savings

These homes, for their part, will help us pollute less in their construction and save us a good pinch on our bills. Given that:

  • They mean less construction time
  • More efficient construction and therefore less costs.
  • Less waste and more recycling.

prefab house

If you want to know more…

Today we have explained a little more about the manufactured homes. In order to help you and give you a little more information on this topic. Contact us and we will help you carry out any procedure related to it.

On the other hand, if you want to continue discovering elements of the real estate world, do not hesitate to read the rest of the publications in our real estate blog.