Smart houses

Smart houses

Install in our house a home automation system will allow us to create unique and better spaces. Smart houses are gaining more and more strength in Spain. They provide a series of tools that without them would mean more work on a day-to-day basis.

Next we will explain more about this new building model and all the advantages it offers.


home automation

1. What is home automation?

The intelligent houses or smart homes, are homes to which an intelligent system has been installed that allows automating and controlling any space in our home through an operations center. It requires that it be connected through the WiFi network of our house and can be controlled by any mobile device that we have.

The main objective is to generate well-being and security to the inhabitants of the house and automate those small tasks that require having to move. Like turning on a light, regulating the temperature thermostat, raising and lowering the blinds or checking if the alarm is connected when we are away from home.


2. Elements to install

Creating a smart home is not just about turning on the WiFi and that's it. To install it at home, a number of items are required which we will see next:

Management center: device with the appropriate programming to control the devices in our house. It is in charge of making the important decisions of the devices.

Transceiver: device that sends the signal to the devices in the home.

sensors: elements in charge of collecting information from the devices it controls and sending it to the management center.

actuators: They are in charge of executing the orders.


3. Advantages and applications

Creating smart homes can help us not only in our day-to-day life but also going further.

As we have said before, installing a home automation system helps us control certain appliances in our stay. But it also means more advantages as:

  • energy saving. It helps us to make a more efficient management of the consumption of our home.
  • Comfort. By allowing us to automate lights, locks, manage leisure, and more, it helps us create more pleasant spaces to enjoy with our loved ones.
  • Security. It allows us to manage alarms, doors and windows. Being able to check at all times if we have left something open.
  • Accessibility and communications. It favors the autonomy of people with reduced or limited mobility, as well as offering better communication by being able to check their state of health.

Definitely, installing a home automation system improves the quality of the inhabitants of our home, reducing consumption and the time spent on household chores.



If we want to create smart homes, we must take into account that we may have problems due to the lack of agreement in the communication systems, since there is no common protocol and it is possible that not all devices can be controlled with the same remote or communicate with each other.


If you want to know more…

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