What is the energy efficiency certificate?

What is the energy efficiency certificate?

Have you ever wondered what is the energy efficiency certificate of a house? This term is gaining more and more relevance among the decisive elements when buying a home. Because? because thanks to him we will be able save money and take care of the planet. 


The cost of a house.

Apart from the rent or the mortgage, if you live in a house you will have to pay for electricity and water or, in some cases, gas. It is these expenses that people tend to try to save the most, whether it is turning off unnecessary lights or putting washing machines in the cheapest time slots.

Furthermore, to contribute to energy saving, we can distinguish several types of household appliances. The closer they get to the letter A, the more efficient they are and within this letter, the more + they have next to the A, the greater the savings.

But we should not only look at the appliances we buy to save on our water, electricity or gas bill. The most important is look at the characteristics of the house. We recommend that, first of all, you look at the windows. Some windows in poor condition or poorly joined will cause the heat of the house to "escape". This implies that you will have to have more time connected to the heating of your home to be able to be comfortable inside.

This is one of the most important elements that are looked at with a magnifying glass when it comes to energy rating a home. In fact, the State offers subsidies to change the windows in poor condition in homes and thus increase their energy quality.


The energy report.

As we have explained before in the case of household appliances, homes are also assigned a letter that defines their efficiency, but what is different in this case is the accompanying report.

To explain the energy efficiency of a house, a study of materials with which it is built and all this information is reflected in a report for potential tenants. In this way, it is possible to calculate what the energy consumption of the house will be to heat itself with the heating, to heat the water in the shower, the consumption of light by the light bulbs and the electrical installation, etc.

Within that report, we can find a lot of information about the insulation, materials and installations of the house.

What is the energy efficiency certificate 2?

When do you need the energy certificate of a home?

This document is mainly required in 3 situations: if you want to rent a home, if you want to buy it or, in some cases, to renovate an old home.

If you are going to sell your house or rent it, we recommend that you have an energy certificate from it that you can present to potential buyers or tenants, since you can encourage their decision by telling them about the savings they will have if they buy your home. In other words, it's another critical decision maker for indecisive, cost-conscious buyers.

On the other hand, if you have an old construction house with outdated materials or poorly carried out installations and you dare to reform it, you will need to obtain this certificate. How can you do it? You have 2 options: contact a technical architect to carry out the study of your home and make the corresponding report or talk to your trusted real estate agency and let them take care of everything.

In short, what is the energy efficiency certificate? It is a markingr that is obtained through a cheap procedure and whose information will be very useful, either for your own savings or to sell or rent your home. In addition, it provides you with all the data on materials, facilities and energy costs that your home may have. Feel free to provide this value added to your property.


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